Source code for hazwaz.mixins

import logging
import os
import subprocess

[docs]class ExternalEditorMixin: """ Add facilities to open a file in an external editor to a Command. """ #: A list of editors to try. #: #: Defaults to the value of ``$EDITOR``, followed by #: ``sensible-editor``, followed by ``vi`` as a last resort. #: #: Each editor should be a tuple ``(<executable>, <name>)``, where #: ``<name>`` is printed in case of errors. #: #: To write unittests that use this mixin, you can override this #: attribute with ``[("true", "true")]``. editors = [ (os.environ.get("EDITOR"), "$EDITOR (set to {editor})"), ("sensible-editor", "sensible-editor"), ("vi", "vi"), ]
[docs] def edit_file_in_external_editor(self, filepath: str) -> bool: """ Open filepath in an external editor and wait for it to be closed. Return whether opening the file was succesful. This tries to cycle through all editors listed in self.editors. """ for editor, e_name in self.editors: if editor: try: res =[editor, filepath]) except FileNotFoundError:'Could not open file {} with {}'.format( filepath, e_name )) else: if res == 0: return True else: return False return False